Venetian Plasters

  • MS-260 Safezone cleaner

    Miller Stephenson MS-260 Safezone Cleaner

    Safezone cleaner was originally formulated for cleaning aircraft windows, instrument dials and lenses. Safe for acrylic polymers, glass, chrome, plexiglass and ceramics.  It is an ammonia free formulation of Ethyl Alcohol, 2-Butoxyethanol,...

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  • Natural 100% Cotton Waste

    100% Cotton Waste

    These are the left over warp threads from industrial looms after a weave run has finished.  They are either bleached or natural cotton. While cotton waste is used for the stuffing for making French polish rubbers (applicators), it is also invaluable...

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  • DuRock Aggregate Plaster DuRock Aggregate Plaster

    DuRock Aggregate Plaster

    DuROCK Aggregate Acrylic Plaster contains sand for high build distressed effects. Aggregate will not shrink or crack and performs well in high traffic areas. Aggregate can be best described as a Mediterranean finish and is ideal when the installation...

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  • DuRock Glitterock Coarse

    DuRock Glitterock Coarse

    DuRock/BGI Glitterock Coarse is a neutral, acrylic plaster containing sand for durability. Containing a large grain silica and a bronze mica flake, it is designed to mix with a DuRock/BGI Pearls and Metals topcoat for shimmer  This finish is...

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  • Versaplast , over troweled, covered with Copper and wiped with Green Patina. DuRock Versiplast Plaster

    DuRock Versiplast Plaster

    Versiplast Acrylic Plaster is one of our most popular products. Faux artists around the world have used this product to create unlimited effects. If your vision includes texture and relief then Versiplast should be your first choice...

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  • DuRock/BGI Glitterock Smooth

    DuRock/BGI Glitterock Smooth

    Glitterock Smooth is a neutral cream plaster designed to accept Smoothrock Pearls and Metals for an understated, pearlescent finish. Perfect for dining rooms with accent lighting, it is also suitable for bathrooms where a water resistant, soft finish...

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  • Era Veneziana Media Lime Venetian Plaster

    Era Veneziana Media Lime Venetian Plaster

    Era Veneziana Media Lime Venetian Plasters has a slightly larger grain than Era Venzaiana Fine Lime Venetian Plaster Lime-based glossy stucco finish for interiors; for exteriors, on adequately prepared surfacesEra Veneziana is a lime-based stucco finish...

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