CO.ME Mirror Polished Venetian Plaster Trowel


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Product Overview

Stainless steel, mirror-polished Venetian trowel for mineral finishes, wooden handle and ABS shank.

Available sizes are 200 x 80, 240 x 100, and 280 x 120 mm and are 0.6 mm thick.

 These Venetian Plaster trowels by CO.ME are lightweight with a natural wood handle. The high quality blades are strong, yet flexible, with rounded corners to protect your finished plaster.

The medium and large trowels narrow slightly at the top. These Italian-made trowels are designed to emulate the shape a rectangular trowel takes after years of wear. Many Italian craftsmen prefer inherited trowels to new ones because they believe tools become better with age.

Tip: Your trowel blade should be sharp enough that the edge can cut through some kind of fabric. However, it doesn't need to be quite as sharp as a knife. When you buy your new trowel, be sure to "break it in" by polishing the blade with progressively finer sandpaper to achieve this sharp edge. Begin with about 400 grit paper and move up to 1000+.