Dux Burnish Sealer Red

DUX Paint


Product Overview

A primer-sealer for use under gilding size, it produces a high quality, smooth surface for gilding. Produces fault-hiding bases or color-enhancing undertones.

Designed to fill and seal porous surfaces on such substrates as wood, stone and prepare metal for gilding. When properly used, this product will produce a smooth surface that requires very little or no sanding. It is available in yellow, red and gray.

  • Oil-based primer-sealer for use with gilding size, ideal for gold and imitation gold leaf projects
  • Creates a high quality, smooth surface needing very little to no sanding
  • Eliminates the requirement for separate applications of sealer, gesso or bole
  • It will seal the surface, provide excellent adhesion and permit an easy high burnish with minimum rubbing
  • Dries to handle - 1 hour; to recoat - 8 hours. Full cure - 24 hours.

Directions for Use

Surface preparation is the key to obtaining a good-looking and long-lasting leafing project. Surfaces must be free of any dust, oils, wax and fingerprints. If applying the primer/sealer over a previously finished object, the surfaces must be cleaned and lightly sanded, and a small area should be tested to ensure compatibility. Do not apply over latex paints, galvanized metal, zinc or aluminum. These surfaces require special surface preparation and treatments for optimal adhesion. Please contact us for recommendations.


Primer/sealer can be used at the consistency provided by the manufacturer. Thinning the primer/sealer with some mineral spirits will help reduce or eliminate the need for sanding. Porous surfaces may require two or more coats. Multiple thin coats will produce better results than thicker coats. Allow at least 4 hours of drying between coats, sand between coats. As with any paint or coating, the primer/sealer should be mixed prior to use. Primer/Sealer may be applied by brush, roller or spray. If brushing, any good quality natural bristle brush should be used, the self-leveling properties of the product eliminate the need to over brush the coating. If rolling, use a high quality short nap roller cover and thin with mineral spirits. When spraying, follow the equipment manufacturer recommendations.

Allow the primer/sealer to fully dry overnight before applying size. Refer to the appropriate data sheet for specific details on its application. There are numerous web sites on the internet, including YouTube that can instruct you through the art of gilding.

Clean up with mineral spirits.

Ideal application conditions

Temperature: 65-75° Fahrenheit Relative humidity: 40-60%


Approximately 300 square feet per gallon on a non-porous surface.

Drying Time

Touch Dry - 1 hour; Recoat - 8 hours. Full Cure - 24 hours.