DUX Gilder's Acrylic Topcoat Clear

$12.27 - $125.09

Product Overview

  • DUX Topcoat is a non-reactive, mineral spirit based, water-clear, non-yellowing acrylic sealer for both genuine and metal leaf
  • Made from acrylic co-polymers which provides protection from abrasion, water and alcohol. 
  • The Topcoat can be tinted with Mixol or other compatible tints to tone the gilded or leafed surface or even used as a paint medium for mica powders
  • Dry time is 1-3 hours (depending on temperature and humidity) and will hard cure over night
  • Application can be with either spray or brush and may be thinned with mineral spirits which can also be used for clean-up of brushes and equipment

For brushing Dux Topcoat, thinning with mineral spirits will aid in brushing out and reduce brush strokes. A full cure is preferable before adding a second coat.When spraying, reduce with mineral spirits and apply multiple light mist coats. Approx 36 sq.ft. coverage at package consistency.