Fresco Plaster

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Product Overview

Fresco plaster is a lime-based, hard-wearing, glossy plaster finish. The fresco plaster tinting system offers superior quality and rheology with minimal impact on paint and plaster properties, which makes deep colors achievable.

This product also eliminates the custom color-matching charge and any subsequent tinting fees entirely. Currently available in quarts and gallons, its superior coverage allows for up to 250 square feet per gallon. 

The Fan Deck contains all available colors. View a scanned copy here. Please note this should only be used as a guide. For a true representation of color, please make an appointment to come in for color selection or buy the hand-painted fan deck here.
Due to the many options and colors available, we only sell Fresco plaster in store or via phone order. Call us today!
  • Hard wearing 
  • Brings depth and rustic originality to interior wall surfaces
  • Usually applied with a trowel
  • Optional: Polish for a marble like finish or seal for durability
  • Covers approximately 250 sq. ft. per gallon depending upon application method, porosity, surface texture and wastage rates. 

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