Golden Pro Finish Glazing Gel


Product Overview


This is a "thicker than wall paint" glaze usually applied with a trowel but may be thinned with water for spray or brush.  

Is beautiful tinted with Lifestyle Finishes Metallic Paints, mica powders and other universal colorants.

The Glazing Gel can be used to thicken glazing medium, add translucency of other textures, or create layers of translucent color with a gloss finish.

The Glazing Gel is not meant as a final finish and while normally drying clear, will remain cloudy if applied too thickly.

Surfaces need to be prepared with a stain blocking primer especially if the final finish is light in tone.


GOLDEN Pro Finishes Glazing Gel is a versatile, high-gloss, acrylic glazing medium that is used to build layers of transparent or translucent color in a wide range of traditional or contemporary artistic effects for walls, cabinets or furniture.
Key Features
• Single component, 100% acrylic waterborne formulation
• Can be tinted, thinned, sprayed or rolled (with proper thinning)
• Ready to use
• Water clean up
Work on walls and other surfaces base-painted with at least two coats of a high quality acrylic architectural coating for maximum working time. Surface absorbency affects working time. Sealing the surface, ideally
with a gloss base, allows for maximum working time. Matte paints, such as flat house paint, will reduce the working time.
• Shake or stir thoroughly before use to homogenous and smooth.
• Working time is typically 15 to 30 minutes depending on technique and substrate.
• May be tinted with acrylic paint in any amount or waterborne dispersion colorants up to 10%. Start with a 3% addition of colorant and test.
• May be tinted up to 20% with Pro Finishes Slow Dry Fluid Acrylics.
• Sheen may be adjusted by adding Pro Finishes Matting Additive. For a satin finish, blend Glazing Gel with Matting Additive in a 10:1 ratio. For an eggshell finish, blend Glazing Gel with Matting Additive in a 4:1 ratio.
• Trowel, brush, roller or spray apply.
• May be thinned with water if needed. Thinning more than 50% may compromise working time, stability and adhesion.
• Do not mix with oil paint.
• Apply only to clean, dry, painted or primed surfaces.
• Allow a minimum of 1 to 4 hours drying time between coats. Allow 48 hours of dry time for film to be water resistant. Allow up to four weeks for a full water resistance cure.
• Not meant as a protective topcoat.
• This product has a high shrinkage rate. Avoid thick layers over highly absorbent surfaces, as crazing and lifting may occur.
• Significant wet-dry color shift may occur, test your application.
• Seal with a varnish/topcoat for maximum durability.
• Test your technique on a practice board before applying to walls.
• For interior use.
• Apply at room and surface temperatures between 50° F & 90° F.
Trowel application: Apply directly over well sealed, base painted substrates or over Lifestyle Finishes™ Textures in single coats or in wet-on-wet layers of translucent color. Apply the first coat in irregular sections, blending sections together, or apply in irregular “patches” depending upon technique. If a bi-color effect is desired, mix colors by applying new material to the wet surface and working into the first coat with a trowel or alternative tool to the desired finish. Work colors together while wet to achieve desired appearance. When applying in hot or dry conditions, observe the trowel edges and periodically wipe clean to prevent buildup of dried material that can create scratch marks in the work.
Brush application: Thin with 15-25% water to increase brushability. Brushing too hard or too often will cause the glaze to cloud or foam, so avoid overworking the same area.
Roller application: Roller cover thickness will determine the amount of material that is applied to the work surface for subsequent tooling and will influence the appearance of the final finish. Use a 1/4” nap cover for thin applications. Increasing the nap thickness will result in heavier applications. Apply product to the work surface with the roller for a heavily textured effect, or knock down with a trowel or brush.
Spray Application: Spraying allows for a consistent, uniform amount of product to be applied rapidly for a quick follow up knock down. When spraying, wear eye protection and particulate respirator, and prevent others from coming into contact with spray mist.
Trowel: Use a flexible trowel designed for decorative plaster applications.
Brush: Soft brush suggested.
Roller: No specific requirements for the type of roller.
Spray equipment options:
Hopper Sprayer:
• Marshalltown SharpShooter® or equivalent
• #1 tip (3/16” / 5 mm orifice); 40 PSI
• Reduce with water up to 50% to adjust for proper atomization.
Pump/compressed air sprayers with reservoir:
• Best Recommendation: Graco® TexSpray RTX 1500 or equivalent
• “Beige” tip; 40 PSI
• Reduce with water up to 10% - 15% for desired application.
Airless Sprayer:
• Graco® TexSpray Mark V or equivalent.
• 5-17 or 5-15 tip; 2,000 PSI.
• Reduce with water up to 10% - 15% for desired application.
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Golden Artist Colors, Inc., New Berlin, New York 13411
Pro Finishes™ Glazing Gel


Technical Data
Sold by the gallon-Coverage: Highly dependent on application technique and number of layers. Approx. 75-225 sq.ft./gal.

Dry Time: @ 50% RH, 77° F: Touch 1 hour. Recoat in12-24 hours.

• Air movement and exchange will assist in proper drying.
• Cold weather & high humidity will slow down cure time.
Clean Up
Clean your skin and equipment immediately after use with soap and warm water. Keep tools wet while working. Dispose of as latex paint.
• Store in a cool/dry location @ temperatures between 45° F & 90° F.
• Do not allow material to freeze or be exposed to temperatures exceeding 120° F for extended periods.
116 fl. oz. / 3.43 l Can
Physical/Performance Property
Weight per Gallon (in lbs)
Specific Gravity
Typical Weight Solids
Typical Volume Solids
pH (initial)
Base Polymer
Flash Point
Freeze/Thaw Stability
Shelf Life
Storage Conditions
Application Temperature
Application Thinner
Clean Up
Coverage Per Gallon
Test Method
Gardner Cup
Visual Observation
pH Meter
Brookfield RVT
Closed Cup
Lab Test
Lab Test
Typical Result
White Liquid
8.7 – 9.3
10,000 – 16,000 cP (spindle 7, 100 rpms)
Slight ammonia
85 - 105 (60 degrees)
100% Acrylic
None (water based)
Pass: 5 Cycles
Expect 2 Years @ 77° F
Cool/Dry, Avoid Freezing/Heat
50° F to 90° F (best results)
Excellent @ 4 - 6 hrs. drying
Thins with water
Warm, soapy water
Highly dependent on application technique and substrate.
Approx. 75-225 sq.ft./gal.
Environmental & Transportation Information
VOC: < 350 g/l
Not RCRA Hazardous for disposal. Dispose of as latex paint.
Not Dangerous Goods for shipping via any mode.
In the unlikely event of product failure, and determination by GOLDEN that product did not meet intended quality or published specifications, GOLDEN will, at its discretion, either replace the product or refund the purchase price as the customer’s sole remedy. GOLDEN expressly disclaims liability for incidental and consequential damages, to the extent allowed by law.
TDS Number: TDSD355 Date of Issue: October 10, 2017