Kolner Miniatum Ink

$13.50 - $40.50

Product Overview

Miniatum Ink for calligraphy and illumination on paper and vellum.

This is a thinner formulation of Miniatum paper size which can be used for drawing or writing with a dip pen or broad nib. Miniatum Ink does not have as much of the raised effect of gilding with regular Miniatum.  Application is best at 60°F to 72°F.  After application, let dry for 30 minutes and there should be a 3 hour open time for applying the leaf (temperature and humidity can vary these times, highly absorbent papers may require a second or third application). After the gold is set the excess may be removed with a soft brush or tissue. Like regular Miniatum  the Miniatum Ink has a natural burnish and does not need to be polished.