Polyvine Contact Adhesive

$8.41 - $56.60

Product Overview

A solvent free, water based, spreadable adhesive that makes high strength, water resistant permanent bonds. Dries clear, without the fire and fume risks associated with traditional solvent based adhesives.

Surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free from grease and oil.  Smooth or polished surfaces should first be roughened with fine abrasive.  A priming coat will be necessary on absorbent surfaces.  Apply a smooth thin layer of adhesive to both surfaces by brush, roller, pad or spray.  Allow to dry 10-15 minutes,  The white adhesive becomes clear when ready to bond.  Bring the two surfaces into contact within 4 hours of application.  Apply as much pressure as possible over the entire bond area.  Clean spreaders in water.  Remove surplus with a damp cloth whilst wet.  The clarity of the dried adhesive make it ideal for bonding Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Mica Sheeting and other translucent material to glass, letting the maximum amount of light through.

ideal for
• textiles • rubber • plastic laminate • wood • plywood • chipboard • painted surfaces • plaster • metals (prime with Polyvine primer) • cork • leather • canvas • expanded polystyrene

unique qualities
• non-flammable • fume free • high strength • water resistant • much better coverage than solvent systems