Polyvine Exterior Woodstain Oil

$35.50 - $74.21

Product Overview


Revitalize, protect and show off interior and exterior wood in a silky sheen oil finish

  • Very high solids. Solid treatments typically hold up for at least three years with correct application, the longest overall of all woodstain types!
  • Show off the natural grain! A blend of resins and oils highlight and give exterior wooden surfaces a silky sheen finish.
  • It's safe! Contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) unlike some of the most popular woodstains today.
  • Use it on any wood! Penetrates deep for waterproofing and preservation of exterior softwood and hardwood timber applications.
  • Let's your wood breathe! It is microporous so even though the finish is waterproof, gases like air can pass through the coating. As a result, it will not blister or peel.
  • UV protective filters keep damage from the sun at bay.
  • Biocides protect wood against algae, mildew and fungal attack.

A microporous UV resistant, VOC free, decorative oil protection for exterior wood. A blend of resins and oils give a silky sheen finish and highlights the natural grain of the wood. It is suitable for exterior softwood and hardwood timber applications, giving deep penetration for waterproofing and preservation.

Use: Exterior

Sizes Available: Liter (Quart), 2.5-Liter (2.5-Quart)

Square feet covered by size: Quart - 172-215 ft², 2.5-Quart - 861-1076 ft²

Ideal for: Windows, doors, cladding, fascia boards, all external woodwork

Finish: Silky Sheen

Drying time: Touch dry in 12 hours, Recoat in 12 hours minimum depending on temperature and humidity

Technical data and MSDS