Sydney Harbour 2012 Handmade Interior / Exterior Fan Deck

Sydney Harbour Paint Company


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Product Overview

The product of careful development and signature complex color formulations, the Sydney Harbour 2012 Handmade Interior / Exterior Fan Deck showcases very beautiful, modern colors.
All of the colors are available in Ultra Flat and Eggshell Acrylic and many are also available in Distemper, Interno Lime Wash, Original Lime Wash and Stone Paint Fine.

  • 60 new colors released in 2012
  • Many half, full, double and triple versions of new and existing colors help you coordinate various elements within a room
  • 3 new colors designed for the Japanese market, inspired by kimono fabrics and traditional Japanese architecture
  • Each color is hand brushed in Ultra Flat Acrylic
  • Index of sheens and natural finish textures
Where possible we use special UV resistant exterior grade tints, so most colors in this fan deck, including the brightest pinks and yellows are suitable for either exterior or interior use. Sydney Harbour Paints are manufactured in small batches with only premium grade materials for maximum performance and minimal environmental impact. Unlike mass produced alternatives, this paint is engineered to leave a lasting impression on your walls.