Precious Metal Leaf

  • Sepp Leaf Gilding Project Kit

    Sepp Leaf Gilding Project Kit

    The Gilding Project Kit includes the tools and materials to produce outstanding results. The prepared surface needs to be nonporous and smooth. A surface primer, such as shellac, is recommended. Imitation Gold Leaf and Copper Leaf must be sealed after...

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  • 23 Karat Thai Mini Leaves Individual mini leaves of Thai Gold.

    Thai 24 & 23 Karat Mini Leaves

    Each 1⅜” square leaf comes loose in its own paper folder.  They are traditionally sold to pilgrims and visitors to shrines and temples in the Far East, to apply on site.  Both the 24 and the 23 Karat gold leaves are available in loose...

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  • Thai Gold & Silver 5 leaf books. 24 Karat

    Thai 5 Leaf Sample Books

    These 5 leaf Thai gold sample books are ideal for small projects, samples for job proposals or just to have on hand for the unexpected touch-up or highlight.  The leaves are 3⅛” square and are a standard 15-16-gram weight ATW (per 1,000...

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  • 24 Karat 23.75 Karat

    Thai Leaf 25-Leaf Books and 500-Leaf Packs

    These Thai gold books are 3⅛” square and are a standard 15-16-gram weight ATW (per 1,000 leaves). There are 6 variations of gold from 24 Karat (99.9% pure) to 12 Karat as well as Silver, all are offered in Patent (transfer leaf) and Surface (loose...

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