• Firenzecolor Era A Pennello Lime Paint Firenzecolor Era A Pennello Lime Paint

    Firenzecolor Era A Pennello Lime Paint

    Era a Pennello closely follows historical lime paint recipes. It contains hydrated lime, coloring oxides and earths, linseed oil and rheologic modifiers, which guarantee perfect workability. The high alkalinity and excellent permeability rate make...

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  • Polyvine Glitter Paint Maker

    Polyvine Glitter Paint Maker

    A shimmering metallic glitter additive for any water based paint or varnish giving sparkles of light to your finish.  - Adds metallic sparkles to your paint or varnish - 75 gram Jar (2.6 ounces) Simply mix with your choice of colored paint or...

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  • Pale Gold Pale Gold

    Polyvine Metallic Paint Pale Gold

    Simply brushes on easily giving a rich deep color, creating a subtle metallic sheen. The unusual mica pigment dries to a genuine metallic sheen which can be polished to a high shine. It has a rich deep color and very good covering power, ideal for a...

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  • Ronan Aqua Leaf Aqua Leaf

    Ronan Aqua Leaf

    Aqua Leaf paints are fluid enamel like paints that provide a range of metallic and pearlescent effects. They are water based, weather and fade resistant with built in UV protection, making them popular with marine applications. Their flexibility allows...

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  • Ronan Aqua Ron-Glow Colors

    Ronan Aqua Ron-Glow Colors

    Aqua Ron-Glo Fluorescent Color is water based, lead free, daylight fluorescent coating with built in ultra violet protection formulated for the graphics arts industry. It dries to a bright fluorescent, flexible, weather & fade resistant, velvet...

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