• Nichiban Masking Tapes

    Nichiban Masking Tapes

    These are very thin but strong tissue masking tapes for restorers, graphic artists, model makers, crafts people, specialty finishers.  They are non-reactive with various inks and paints, repositionable, leave no adhesive residue and work with both...

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  • Chinese Compo Gold Leaf packed by Everbright Chinese Compo Gold Leaf packed by Everbright

    Chinese Metal Leaf

    We are closing out all Chinese leaf! This is your chance to do a gilding project on a budget! All of our remaining stock is priced at over 50% off for final sale. This inexpensive leaf  comes in books of 100 leaves, and unbound packs (with...

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  • MS-260 Safezone cleaner

    Miller Stephenson MS-260 Safezone Cleaner

    Safezone cleaner was originally formulated for cleaning aircraft windows, instrument dials and lenses. Safe for acrylic polymers, glass, chrome, plexiglass and ceramics.  It is an ammonia free formulation of Ethyl Alcohol, 2-Butoxyethanol,...

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  • Agate Burnisher Agate Burnisher

    Agate Burnisher

    These hard stone agates are used to burnish gold which has been water gilded over a base of thinly layered clay (bole).  They are approximately 8-9 inches long with 5 inch wooden handles mounted with 2.5 inch steel ferrules which anchor the agate...

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  • Diamond Gelatin Sheets Diamond Gelatin Sheets

    Diamond Gelatin Sheets

    Diamond Gelatin sheets are a European style of food grade gelatin which is clearer than American style granulated gelatin. This is important when preparing size for reverse gilding on glass especially when using white gold or silver.  Each sheet is...

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  • DUX Topcoat Clear Gloss, One Quart DUX Topcoat Clear Gloss, 4 oz (packed for Sepp Gilding Workshop)

    DUX Gilder's Acrylic Topcoat Clear

    DUX Topcoat is a non-reactive, mineral spirit based, water-clear, non-yellowing acrylic sealer for both genuine and metal leaf Made from acrylic co-polymers which provides protection from abrasion, water and alcohol.  The Topcoat can be tinted...

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