Kolner Colnasize 2.25 Ounce



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Product Overview


  • Kolner Colnasize is a liquid gelatin concentrate for quickly making gilders liqueur or water size for use over clay bole in water gilding or on glass for reverse glass gilding
  • A basic gilders liqueur can be obtained by dissolving 1 teaspoon Colnasize in 2 cups lukewarm tap or distilled water.
  • Kolner Colnasize is meant to be used with the Kolner FOND Burnish Clays and the Kolner Insta-Clays
  • Kolner Colnasize can be stored at room temperature, but for extended storage, refrigeration is suggested



Dissolve 1 teaspoon Colnasize in 2 cups lukewarm tap or distilled water. Some application
techniques and climate conditions (such as low humidity) may require a stronger
concentration. If initial tests do not produce the desired results, the concentration may be
increased to 2 teaspoons per 2 cups warm water. Test concentrations until the desired result
is obtained.
Prepare size in a clean, glass container, with a tight-fitting lid. Decant the amount you plan
to use immediately. Don’t pour contaminated, used solution back into the original, pure
solution. Uncontaminated, diluted Colnasize may be refrigerated for several days. Discard
when size has a bad odor.


For best results, spray or brush (with a soft, natural hair mop brush) to apply an initial coat.
Excessive surface tension (crawling) may be reduced with the addition of up to 10% denatured alcohol,
and a couple of drops of glycerin (available at pharmacies). When the first coat has soaked into the clay ground, 
apply a second coat by brush to flood the surface  until the leaf can be floated
onto the surface. Apply leaf rapidly while surface is wet. A small brush will help
apply size to faults or “holidays” in the gilding. Use small pieces of leaf to gild and patch.


Burnishing is a magical, yet sensitive technique that requires careful observation and practice.
This method involves gentle pressure which compresses the gold and the clay layers. You
are aiming for a mirror-like reflection. If you try to burnish too soon, the leaf will pull from
the clay, and will have a dull appearance. Depending on temperature and humidity, you may
wait as little as an hour and a half before beginning to burnish. Burnishing with the Kölner
system generally requires gentler pressure than traditional water gilding.