Nazionale Composition Gold Leaf 5.5-Inch by 5.5-Inch

$9.50 - $180.00

Product Overview

Composition Gold leaf, 5-1/2-inch by 5-1/2-inch square, bound in 25 leaf books with tissue interleaving between each leaf.

Color is #2 1/2 containing 85% Copper &15% Zinc. Meant to imitate genuine 22Karat gold leaf, #2 1/2 is the most popular color.

Other colors (available only in surface leaf) are #1(90% copper, 10% Zinc), #2( 88% copper, 12% Zinc), #3(82% copper, 18% zinc)

The higher the copper content - the redder the compo gold.

Available in Patent (leaves are lightly attached to interleaving) and Surface (leaves lie loose between the interleaving)

Books contain 25 leaves

Packs contain 20 books or 500 leaves