Polyvine Acrylic Gold & Metal Size

$5.55 - $24.88

Product Overview


Acrylic adhesive with an extended open time for bonding metal leaf and foils to a variety of surfaces

  • 24-hour open time
  • Easy to apply
  • Water-based
  • Low odor
  • Wash brushes and tools in water

When this specialist adhesive is applied thinly the surface will remain primed for up to 24 hours, allowing large projects to be handled with ease.

Use Interior Sizes Available Square feet covered by size
Ideal for All interior metal leaf work, furniture, plaster molding, picture frames, decorative features




54-80 ft²

108-161 ft²

215-323 ft²


Seal porous surfaces with a Polyvine varnish. Apply thinly using a good quality brush. It is important no brush marks are visible these will show though the metal leaf. The size can be diluted with water to avoid brush marks. Leave for at least 15 minutes, the film will clear and remain tacky. The surface will then be in a prime state ready to receive the leaf. This prime state will remain indefinitely. It is important to completely cover all the size with the metal leaf, no size should be left uncovered.

Always try the technique on a test piece before embarking on the project.

Drying time A minimum of 24 hours with ventilation
Technical data and MSDS Click on the PDF image to view and print technichal application instructions and MSDS