Polyvine Craquelure Antique Crackle Products

$7.92 - $40.33

Product Overview

The Polyvine Craquelure System faithfully reproduce the regular crazed pattern associated with old porcelain glazes.

Using a two part system (base coat and top coat), you create a film that is cracked over the latex paint color that you have chosen.

(Please note: you need to buy both the base coat and the top coat to create the effect.)

The fine crackle in the film can be accentuated with a Crack Highlighter; available in either white or dark brown for a truly aged finish.

Clean tools and brushes with soap and water. To reduce gaps on a large surface, spraying is recommended. Spraying is not necessary on furniture; the more artless the effect, the better

Top Coat, Base Coat, and Crack Highlighter sold separately.


Watch this video for more information about Polyvine crackle products: