Polyvine Decorators Varnish Dead Flat


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Product Overview

Polyvine Dead Flat Decorator's Varnish
is a water based varnish for the protection of a wide range of interior decorative finishes, designed with a dead flat, crystal clear finish.

Polyvine is best known for water-based varnishes, especially the "decorator's" line, which is available in a dead flat, satin, and gloss finish. Polyvine products are reliable and easily to use, making them popular with both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. There is a specific Polyvine varnish designed for just about every purpose, as well as many paints, glazes, and tools that will help your create and protect that distinct finish.

We've tested and trust the quality of Polyvine products for our own decorative painting work and we work directly with the manufacturer to carry the widest selection you'll find in North America.

• Seals finely painted walls, murals, protecting from water, stains and mild abrasion
• Protects wallpaper from water, mild abrasion and discoloring
• Seals stained or glazed wood furniture or other interior surfaces
• Seals Venetian Plaster, just dilute with 10% water until the surface is non-porous
• Can be used on fabric as a stiffener prior to painting

• Easy to apply and cleanup, non-yellowing, low odor
• Dries quickly - 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on temperature
• Covers 161-215 square feet per US quart

Download Manufacturer's Application Notes Here