Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish


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Product Overview

Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish

Interior and Exterior


The strongest of all ‘one pack’ varnishes that dries in minutes and cures in 16 hours to protect interior and exterior surfaces

New water-based cross-linked polyurethane with advanced resin technology brings the highest protection single pack ever developed. For the ultimate protection of interior and exterior surfaces to an industrial level of finish. 
UV blocking and absorption reduce graying, aging and deterioration of surfaces. Biocides protect against mildew, mold and fungus.

ideal for
• wood • marine • worktops • doors • furniture • concrete paving • unglazed tiles • slate • brick

unique qualities
• dries very fast • cures in 16 hours • high water resistance • industrial level of finish • high resistance to chemicals alcohol and stains