Veneziano Intonaco Tadelakt

$32.00 - $220.00

Product Overview

Veneziano Intonaco Tadelakt is a lime based gloss or honed (satin) effect decorative plaster.
  • Veneziano Intonaco Tadelakt may be used in wet areas such as showers and spas. Proper preparation of the walls required.
  • Veneziano Intonaco Tadelakt is washable and resistant to stains over properly prepared substrates and coated with wax sold for this purpose.
  • Morrocan Olive Oil Wax for protection from water and stains is available separately.
  • Composition: Lime powder, slightly hydraulic, with stone granules of variable thickness up to 1,2 mm. special additives facilitate application, by aiding in adhesion and reducing cracking.
  • White – Tint with colorants to a maximum of 5% by volume.
  • Packaging: 16 kg Polyethylene containers; mix well with one to one and one half gallons of water.
  • Theoretical yield: for full 2.5 coat cycle for polished finish: Approximately 55-65 square feet per 16 kg bucket.
  • Bucket can last 2 or 3 days if sealed without contaminates and kept away from heat.
  • Wet product, including rinse water for tools, should be kept out of drain pipes of all kinds.