Natural Paint: Lime, Chalk and Clay Based

  • Firenzecolor Era A Pennello Lime Paint

    Firenzecolor Era A Pennello Lime Paint

    Era a Pennello closely follows historical lime paint recipes. It contains hydrated lime, coloring oxides and earths, linseed oil and rheologic modifiers, which guarantee perfect workability. The high alkalinity and excellent permeability rate make...

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  • Interno Lime Wash, Birtyhday Candle

    Sydney Harbour Interno Lime Wash

    Sydney Harbour Interno Lime Wash is a lime-based coating designed for interior use that replicates the soft weathered patina of a traditional lime wash. Its unique formulation allows the lime to gently ‘bloom” through the paint, creating...

  • Original Lime Wash, Thoroughbred

    Sydney Harbour Original Lime Wash

    Sydney Harbour’s Original Lime Wash is a unique lime based coating blended with natural pigments which is designed to create a soft weathered patina reminiscent of the wonderful finishes on the building of Tuscany, Portofino and other regions...