Sydney Harbour Interno Lime Wash

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Product Overview

Sydney Harbour Interno Lime Wash is a lime-based coating designed for interior use that replicates the soft weathered patina of a traditional lime wash. Its unique formulation allows the lime to gently ‘bloom” through the paint, creating depth and texture without the necessity of exposure to the elements. This is a genuine lime wash that gives a naturally soft look compatible with any decorating style, not the contrived look delivered by the many copy-cat products currently on the market.

NOTE: This product is designed to "bloom", or lighten selectively, after application. Using Sydney Harbour's Limeproof Undercoat Primer is integral to achieving the desired effect. Use of standard latex primers may render a paint-like finish with no bloom. It is important to test application with your primer, or use the recommended Sydney Harbour Limeproof Undercoat Sealer.
Sydney Harbour’s Matt Wall Sealer (coverage 600 to 650 ft² per gallon) may be applied over the finished job where improved durability is required.

Please choose your color from the original Handmade Interior / Exterior Fan Deck or the 2012 Handmade Interior / Exterior Fan Deck. When selecting your color, consider that the overal effect across the wall may be 20-50% lighter than your color selection. The darkest areas in the wall will appear closest to your color and the rest will appear lighter once the product dries. The darker the color, the more contrast you will see in the bloom effect. Lighter colors may be incredibly subtle. Interno is also sold untinted.

If you are looking for a Sydney Harbour color not listed here, please call us, as we have all current and legacy Sydney Harbour colors!
Due to the many options and colors available, we only sell Sydney Harbour Acrylic Paints in store or via phone order.
Product Return Policy

Because each Sydney Harbour Interno Lime Wash color is mixed to order, we cannot accept returns for this product unless it is determined to be defective. Please always choose colors from the hand painted samples in our fan decks. Computer monitors do not accurately represent colors and should be used as a general guide only.